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beautiful, unique and bespoke artworks for your home by Linette Penney-Gainham.

From our studio here in Ayrshire, Scotland we put lots of love and careful attention into each unique piece and also into our customer service. Whether it's a pre-made piece of art, available in our shop, or a custom-made, bespoke commission we're happy to help you help you adorn your home with something extra special.

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.




"I’ve always had a special fascination for trees. I love their uniqueness and their form - especially in winter when their true structure is revealed. I’m also intrigued by the complexity of their root systems, hidden mostly from sight, which grounds and sustains them through the changing seasons.

I wanted to recreate the beauty of trees so I developed a technique of moulding and wrapping silver wire which allowed me to create them with both strength and flexibility. As the sculptures grow they take on an identity all of their own - some being adorned with hand-made leaves that catch the light and crown the tree with colour while others are simply bare and beautiful.

I enjoy the commissions I receive to recreate trees with special significance - be it the memory of a favourite tree from childhood, a tree that celebrates a wedding or a tree that was planted in the memory of a loved one. Whether they be custom-made or from my own imagination, creating wire trees fills me with joy knowing that there is a silver lining hiding at the heart of each one.” 


Be Free (2) - COPYRIGHT.jpg


"My style range varies between classic realism, abstract and spiritual interpretive styles. I am drawn to contrasts in light and shade and I find inspiration in vibrant tones of reds, purple and turquoise.

I embrace the challenges that my clients' commissions bring and enjoy the process of delivering the desired end product. I love the unknown element of commissions as you never know what you are going to be asked to create next. Each piece is an adventure through colour, form and light!"

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